The FRC Bazaar

01/01/2020 03:00 PM - 01/01/2025 12:00 AM ET


Here you'll find every FRC virtual running event where medals are in stock and available for *immediate* delivery!


Wondering what a "virtual run" is, and how they work? Let us explain!

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Each event registration includes its own uniquely designed medal honoring one of the many fandoms we live for, along with the beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and the always-popular personalized digital bib for each event!

You can currently choose from available events in any of the following FRC series:

Everything Is 5k
Everything is 5k

Five x 5k

Chosen Run 5k

Enochian 9k

Baby 6.7k

Sassenach 6k



Out of Time 8.8k


RedRun 9k

Twisted 10k

The d20 Roll

Forged By 5k

(Under 40 left!)


2020: Murphy's Revenge 13k


Every month, the Fandom Running Club designates a past Fanthropy charity partner to receive a percentage of the proceeds from all registrations for FRC medals! Learn about our current charity partner of the month on our website!

Remember that all of these are 'virtual' active events, so you can complete your distances however, wherever and whenever you want! How? You can walk, run, skip, dance, or saunter. Where? You can do it around your neighborhood, at the gym, on the treadmill, or on your favorite trail. When? You can do it on a Monday night, a Thursday morning, or a Saturday afternoon. It's all up to you!

We'll add events to existing series for as long as participants enjoy them. Entirely new series will be added to the full roster on a regular fans even more of what they love, inspiring their personal fitness, and feeding their fanaticism with fantastic, one-of-a-kind runner’s medals!

For more information about the Fandom Running Club (and to just geek out about your favorite things), join our community on Facebook, the FRC Fan Domain. If you're not on Facebook, check out the FAQ on our website!

Start browsing the Bazaar, get registered, and get moving!